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Business writing

Good to know

I train executives and employees in small groups and one-to-one, according to your needs,  both in-company and online. My seminars and workshops are practical and challenging.


Below you will find some main topics:

Writing effectively

You will learn more about the latest trends in business writing and its style as well as the essentials of an adequate structure to achieve the desired effect – so that you can write reader-friendly communications.

Writing minutes 

You will learn how to write effective, clear and reader-friendly minutes

so that everybody will enjoy reading them.

Quality assurance of business correspondence

I assess the quality of business correspondence based on specific criteria and provide companies and their employees with positive feedback – so that they can enhance communication with their clients.


Business writing coaching provides personalized support and enables you to pursue specific goals, individually or in small groups. Step by step you will perfect your communications and therefore also your writing style.

Corporate language

I support companies in the development of guidelines and brand portals. In case of multilingualism, I don't simply translate texts but I also adapt them by taking into account cultural and linguistic peculiarities as well as the reader's perception.

Writing without mistakes

You will practise everything you need to write correctly: spelling, punctuation and grammar –

so that you can draft accurate communications.

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